Super Tuesday **



結果は予想どおり。共和党はトランプ氏、民主党はクリントン氏が他を一掃する勝利を収めた。Super Tuesday**は一日で最大の代議員を獲得することができるため、今後を占う重要なポイントとなる。

2月 2 日から 17 日までに 4機関が実施した世論調査は3つの機関でクリントンがトランプを少なくとも1%から7%ポイント先導し、接戦ながらもクリントンが勝利することを示唆している。










クリントン氏ついては、政治的な手腕は十分に認められるが、経済的手腕は私にはよく見えないので、FOMCのイエレン氏との連携が不安なところでもある。(著:井上 昇)

**Super Tuesday:アメリカ合衆国において、大統領選挙がある年の2月または3月初旬の一つの火曜日を通常さす。その日は多くの州で同時に予備選挙・党員集会(以下、しばしば予備選挙として総称)が開催され、一日で最大の代議員を獲得することができる日である。そのため、各候補は自党の大統領候補としての指名を確保するためには、この日を上手く乗り切る必要がある。


MARCH 2, 2016

by: Demetri Sevastopulo in West Palm Beach, Courtney Weaver and John Paul Rathbone in Miami, and Sam Fleming in Washington

Super Tuesday results: sweeping victories for Trump and Clinton

Strong night for frontrunners tightens races for Republican and Democratic nominations

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton scored sweeping victories on “Super Tuesday”, significantly raising the odds that the property mogul and the former secretary of state will confront each other at November’s presidential election.

On the biggest night of the US primary election to date, Mr Trump demonstrated the breadth of his appeal by winning seven states from Massachusetts and Vermont to Alabama and Georgia.

Ted Cruz, the Texas senator, won his home state, and received a big boost by winning Oklahoma and Alaska. Marco Rubio, the Florida senator, won his first state of the 2016 race with a badly needed victory in Minnesota.

Asked if he was now the party’s presumptive nominee, Mr Trump said: “I feel awfully good”.

With the Republican establishment in turmoil over the rise of Mr Trump — who they believe will struggle to win the White House because of his bombastic rhetoric — the businessman said he would be a “unifier” for the party. He insisted that he was expanding the party by pulling in Democrats and independents. “The Republican Party has become more dynamic, more diverse,” he said.

In the Democratic race, Mrs Clinton won seven of Tuesday’s 11 Democratic primaries, notching up Alabama, Arkansas — where her husband served as governor — Georgia, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Texas and the swing state of Virginia. Her rival Bernie Sanders won Colorado, Minnesota, Oklahoma and his home state of Vermont.

Mrs Clinton won Texas, which awards the most delegates on Super Tuesday, and boosted her total delegate tally to 1,052 of the 2,383 needed to win the Democratic nomination. Mr Sanders raised his count to 427.